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Special Needs Services

The Challenge

Attaining financial security and independence while coping with inflation, market volatility and taxation, is a challenge for anyone. For families with a dependent with disabilities that may require life-long care, there are additional considerations. Families faced with providing supervision and care for their loved ones during their lifetime and even after their own death must completely or at least partially fulfill the following functions for a loved one with disabilities:

  1. Guardianship: decision making role regarding medical, residential, educational and physical welfare
  2. Financial support and management
  3. Advocacy Services: enlisting help from agencies and integrating with planning
  4. Living Arrangement: either at home, community-based alternatives or group homes

The Solution

Secure Planning Strategies is dedicated to providing planning solutions for families with a special needs family member. Our process involves comprehensive planning and addresses the needs of individuals with disabilities to provide life-long care. Our planning encompasses the utilization of government benefits in coordination with legal and financial planning, including annual reviews.

Our Role

Secure Planning Strategies provides consultation and full-service financial planning to families with members who have developmental disabilities, physical disabilities and/or mental illness. We maintain a network of attorneys, CPAs, insurance and social service professionals with expertise in special needs planning. Multiple issues are addressed as a team, including:

  • Coordination of State and Federal Funding
  • Appropriate legal planning with focus on special needs trusts
  • Trusteeship and Guardianship
  • Tax Advantage Planning
  • Funding Strategies
  • Flexibility, affordability and continuity

The Benefits to You

Families may be more confident in the knowledge that a well-designed financial and legal plan, tailored to their specific situation, will be created and monitored by a group of dedicated and caring professionals.

Knowledge and Experience

Secure Planning Strategies offers years of experience, knowledge and access to a network of professionals in related fields to provide effective long-term financial and legal planning.