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Secure Planning Strategies - Special Needs Guidance - Southfield, MI

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Plan & Implement

Carefully analyzing your unique situation to develop your strategy.

Secure Planning Strategies is passionate and experienced in providing financial planning services and solutions to families with a special needs family member. We offer consultations as well as assistance in implementing the necessary financial and legal plan. The planning process addresses multiple issues including:

  • Eligibility for government benefits
  • Coordination of State and Federal Funding
  • Creation and funding of a Special Needs Trust
  • Designation of future trustees
  • Guardianship, if necessary
  • Parents’ own planning
  • Future residence
  • Planned flexibility and continuity

Secure Planning Strategies partners with expert counsel from multiple disciplines to create a financial plan that meets their client’s specific needs. SPS is a full-service, problem-solving organization designed to provide services for your loved one both during your lifetime as well as after your death. Every family has different goals and objectives and a unique financial situation that requires a customized plan.

The following factors must be taken into consideration in planning a secure future for your loved one:

  • Extent of disability
  • Current cost of support
  • Future increase in the cost of support
  • Integration with Government assistance
  • Family finances
  • Needs of other family members