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Letter of Intent

| July 06, 2020

The lockdown period to prevent spreading of COVID-19 has been difficult for most people. As necessary as it is to honor social distancing, keeping busy and active has been a challenge for many. This may be the right opportunity to complete projects you have intended to but never found the right time.

As a parent raising a child with special needs, you are the most knowledgeable person about the history of your child since his/her birth. An important planning tool for the future of your child is a Letter of Intent. Though not a legal document, it is often the core of your child’s special needs plan with all the details and history since birth.  This document is designed to ease a difficult transition with guidance for future caregivers, guardians and trustees in the decision-making that will shape your loved one’s life after you are gone.

Your day-to-day busy schedules may not have allowed you to start or work on this important task. Perhaps you find it emotional to envision your child’s life without you.  But the LOI is too important to delay. To make it easy, we have attached a template of a Letter of Intent for you to work from. It can be customized for your child, your family. It is also important to update the document periodically as changes occur in your child’s life and in your family circumstances.    

We will appreciate your feedback on your progress as you work on your LOI. Please let us know if we can help you in any way. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.

Best Regards

Minoti Rajput CFP, ChSNC.

Minoti Rajput is the founder and principal wealth advisor of Secure Planning Strategies. She has been working with families with children of special needs for over thirty years and is a frequent speaker on various topics related to special needs planning. She is also the author of ‘Beyond a Parent’s Love.